Trinity Church


            Trinity Episcopal Church & Cemetery is at 74 Trinity Place at Broadway & Wall Street. Alexander Hamilton is buried there in Division 12, 1804, in the southern part of the cemetery. Mrs. Eliza Hamilton his widow, who died Nov. 9,1854 at 97 rests beside him. Son Philip, killed in an 1801 duel is also there.

Richard Cote tells us Aaron Burr’s wife Theodosia Prevost married her first husband James there, and her parents were also married at Trinity Church in 1751. 1794 Theodosia Prevost Burr was buried in one of Trinity Church’s burial grounds, but the exact place is still being sought. Burr’s other connection with Trinity Church is that Trinity Church owned the grounds of Aaron Burr’s Richmond Hill mansion described before.  Trinity Church leased Richmond Hill to Burr for 69 years.

In 1697 Trinity Church received its charter, as the “first and only parish and churchyard in the city of New York.” From this time forward the Church of England was in effect the established church in the city (and New York County), its ministry being supported by a tax levied on all inhabitants.

In 1783, when the British left New York, “The prettiest edifice of all, Trinity Church at the head of Wall Street was a special ruin, a victim of the first of two fires that, engulfing the city during the war had left 1700 buildings in ashes.”

The present church is the third church on the site since 1697. Designed by Richard Upjohn and completed in 1846, the 240’ tall spire was the highest structure in NY until the Brooklyn Bridge piers 30 years later.

 Today, Trinity Church maintains a small museum in the far left corner of the main hall that includes replica pistols used by Hamilton and Burr.

Many people are familiar with Trinity Church’s role as a comfort zone during the terrible 911 disaster.



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