Burr Painting Unveiled

Feb 7, 2015 Aaron Burr was born 259 years and one day ago. Here is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, ready for the ceremony.


Aaron's  second wife: Madame Eliza Jumel in the middle


Aaron Burr Cidery hosts.  www.AaronBurrCidery.com  Wurtsboro,NY.


 Burr was Executor of the recorded Deed to the Orchard land in 1819.



Pete and Mary Tavino, before the unveiling, with the Burr coat of arms


Very large crowd, that could not fit into the main ballroom.


Diane di Mauro with one of her three porcelain artwork pieces and Jim Kerr, Mansion Board President (and our friend from Fraunces Tavern)


Jim welcomes half the audience who could fit seated in the main parlor.


Executive Director Carol Ward


Co-Chair Camilla Huey

Co-Chair Antonio Burr, Ph.D., delivers wonderful words about Aaron Burr and this painting.

Unveiling is videotaped.

Antonio and Jim unveil the restored painting


Lamp, behind, shines a beam on Colonel Burr!


A fantastic job, thanks in part to contributions by many ABA members


Eric Maunsbach painted this in the 1930's, based on John Vanderlyn's 1809 painting.

Restorer partner Denise Farancz and Jasmine Helm, Curatorial Assistant at Morris-Jumel.


Crowd overflowed into main entry hall, where Burr was wed the second time on July 3, 1833.

Conservator Denise Farancz points to where she repaired a puncture in the 1930's painting.


The meticulous restoration work by Conservator Alan Farancz  is greatly appreciated by the ABA.



Photos by Peter Tavino.  Captions by Peter Tavino and Stuart Johnson