The Capitol & Library of Congress


We had a wonderful guided tour thanks to Senator Richard Burr's capable staff.

We were interested in teh Columbus painting by John Vanderlyn.

There was some confusion about this room.

From 1810 on it served as a judicial chamber,

but in 1804 it is where Aaron Burr gave the most moving address ever delivered to the senate,

provoking tears from many Senators as Burr bade them farewell.

A US Senator is interviewed as we pass by.

We also greeted Rep. Barney Frank outside on his way in, and Nancy Pelosi was outside her office.

During our visit to the Senate Chamber to see Aaron Burr's bust next to John Adams' (where no cameras were allowed)

we heard Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson testify against the current Cap and Trade bill under consideration.

Here is the shuttle train beneath the capital we all rode to the luncheon and Library of Congress.

Frank and Bill Burr in the Library Atrium.


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