The above attachment is of the Aaron Burr signed certification.
Paul T. Thacker                    June 2006


On April 19, 1775, the American Revolutionary War began

at Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts. For many years the top

historians, such as Professor John Fiske (1842-1901), said the

British Major John Pitcairn fired the "SHOT HEARD 'ROUND

THE WORLD" - the beginning of the war. His horse was shot, he fell

off as it bolted to the enemy side and carried Pitcairn's classy John

Murdoch (Scottish) Pistols with it.

The pistols were presented, in June, at Bunker Hill to General

Israel Putnam who carried & used them throughout the war.

On September 29th 1835 Mr. John P. Putnam showed the

pistols to Aaron Burr (Gen. Israel Putnam's aid-de-camp) along

with an handwritten certification letter. Aaron Burr signed this "A BURR"

and was witnessed by Alexander Tuttle. WE HAVE THIS


have been placed into a book for many years as it has

been folded. This is an eye-witness account & has been

signed by Aaron Burr just months before he died. My wife

and I have an authentication from an handwriting expert

who has nearly 40yrs. experience in the manuscript

business. ...... If you are interested in acquiring this, tell

me that you have a buyer and do make an offer.

If I don't sell it, we shall continue to have a fine display

of memorabilia. I believe that on September 29th, 1835,

Mr. John P. Putnam knew a visit to Aaron Burr was immediately

important if there was ever going to be written proof of the identity

of the pistols. Burr was immobile with a stroke in 1834. "A BURR"

was likely the most Aaron was expected to write. He died Sept. 14,

1836 after another stroke.

It is truly unfortunate that the letter may have been folded, put

into a book & sold into the hands of a person who never knew

its historical importance and never cared enough to find out.

Such a document, with the great impossibility of the find, should

be very valuable.

The STEEL-MOUNTED PISTOLS are in the Hancock-Clarke

House at Lexington, Massachusetts.


Thank You,

Paul T.


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Thank you for this information.
Shall I post your message on the internet site?
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You have my permission to place the Aaron Burr signed
document story, which I sent to you by email - 11/29/05,
on your website for the purpose of finding a prospective
buyer for the certificate of authentication.  Thanks alot.
                                                      Paul T.