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The Legend Continues


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"Aaron Burr is one of the most misunderstood and least appreciated men in the era of the American Revolution and the founding of the republic. He was a brilliant practical politician; in fact, he can be called with some justice our first professional politician. He had the misfortune to be caught between two other politicians, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, who were passionate idelogues. Their followers vilified Burr and too many historians have accepted their slanders as fact. Burr helped found our party system and tried to practice politics with a minimum of rancor. He was not a superman or a saint. He made mistakes but he deserves to be remembered as an important figure of his tempestuous times."
-Thomas Fleming

"Burr rewards study not because he was enigmatic, but because his life and his words were so astonishingly compatible. In an age of great dissemblers, he divided the world into decent men of his own country, to whom he spoke the impeccable truth, and those unworthy of his candor. He was a patriot, a proto-feminist, an abolitionist, and a steadfast friend who earned the friendship in return of people as diverse as John Jay, Jeremy Bentham, and Andrew Jackson. Furthermore, he had the right enemies. Besides, of all the Founders, he was probably the most entertaining."
-Roger Kennedy