2009 Washington DC Annual Meeting

Visit to the Society of the Cincinnati


Touring the Anderson House bequeathed as headquarters for the Cincinnati.



Brian knew about these two images below.

The President General following George Washington from 1800 until his death in 1804.


The seventh President General William Popham 1844-1817.  Eight years earlier, he was a pall bearer at Aaron Burr's funeral

Thank you to the wonderful library staff who hosted us.

The librarian explains the painting of Montgomery to Helena and the rest of us.








Among the items on display for us was the original (undated) signed register showing that Aaron Burr had paid his dues as listed sixth on the left page,

and as approved by Pres. Gen. Hamilton first on the right page.

 It would be July 4, 1804 when Hamilton would sing to Burr and others at the Society's banquet,

a week before their fateful meeting in Weehawken.

The librarian shows us an original medal.

And an original membership certificate.

Thank you again to everyone who made our visit to the Society of the Cincinnati so memorable.

Thanks Bob for your photos included with mine, (Pete)

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