Historic Ferry Tour July 9, 2004


concerning the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr


Historic Ferry Tour Reservations Information

Prior to the Weehawken Reenactment of the Duel on Sunday July 11, 2004:

There was a ferry boat tour of Historic Places in New York harbor.

It was in a positive light toward both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

This tour was open to the public at a discounted cost of $18.00.

Students and Senior Citizens will receive a 10 % discount.

The tour ran from 10:00 am until noon on Friday, July 9, 2004.

Members chatted with authors, museum personnel and

other experts on board with Fox TV and WCBS camera crews.

The cruise was an outstanding success!

We thank Arthur Imperitore for donating the wonderful cruise boat at substantial discount to the ABA.

Order of sites

 (Click on blue letter link to view one page landmark description)

1. Weehawken      by Willie Demontreux and Lauren Sherman

2. The Grange

3. Richmond Hilll     by Lyman Coddington

4. Elizabethtown

5. Staten Island

6. King George III   by  Helena or Diane for Becky

7. Battle of Brooklyn        by Prof. William Parry

8. Grass Fort     read by Antonio Burr

9. POW ships

10. The Hermitage      by Dr. Henry Bishoff

11. Wall St.offices

12.  Montalto

13. Tontine Coffee House read by Stuart Johnson

14. John Barker Church

15. Fraunces Tavern  read by FT Board member

16. 52 Cedar Street

17. Trinity Church

18. Bridewell Prison

19. Bayard House

20. Jersey City    by  Joel (not available on line)


From left: Manhattan, The River, Weehawken,

and the bust of Alexander Hamilton


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