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Association Objectives from our Constitution in 1946:

"To keep alive the memory of Colonel Aaron Burr as a student, a soldier, a lawyer, a politician, a patron of the arts, an educator, a banker, and as a husband and father" and "to secure for him the honor and respect which are due him as one of the leading figures of his age."1972 Issue of The Chronicle 

Feb 6, 2014:

He is my hero because of his advanced views on equality between and among the races, between the sexes and his support of democracy and voting rights.  Burr also had a good service record, a great law career, both before and after politics.  We are possessed with the hindsight of history, which allows us to favorably contrast his life's work with contemporaries like Jefferson and Hamilton.  Col. Burr looks quite good in comparison.
Woodrow Wilson said of him 'So misunderstood, so maligned.'  So it has been through most of our history, until recent scholarship and writing have started to shed proper light.  It gives us impetus to continue the work and goals of the Aaron Burr Association.
I like to think that Col Burr knew that there would be future people who would work to vindicate his name and reputation.
Happy birthday, Aaron.  Requiat in pacem.
Rich Maroc


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